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This newspaper is part of the collection entitled: Fayette County Area Newspaper Collection and was provided to The Portal to Texas History by the Fayette Public Library, Museum and Archives.

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Published Twice Weekly By The Farmers Publishing Company, La Grange, Texas
FRIDAY, FEB. 1, 1946
department of visitors to only four addition-
Fritz Lobpries plans to use his
Ben F. Siebel Talks
candidate j Establishing
announce his
under Mr.
seeded on
Veterans Get Preference
There are three others whq |
active in their |
ribbons and custody was awarded plain-
i mine and La Grange girls in
volley ball game to follow.
lus, La Grange F. F. A., was
bought by Elco Feed Mills for
60c a pound, bringing a total
of $417. burg.
The grand champion Jersey'
.... -a
clover. These legumes are im-
t and • have a place in
pasture mixes and meadows.
Additional i*
mer legumes ...
the near future.
Various varieties of grasses
that are adapted to the Bas-
trop-Fayette soil conservation
district for meadows and pas-
tures can also be seen on these
plots. Among these are big
bluestem, little bluestew, In-
dian grass, Dallis, Rhodes, res-
cue grass and Italian rye grass.
Program For Each
Farm Requires
Commitee Approval
Fayette county has beten al-
filed in Gonzales county and
additional charges will follow,
it was reported.
A first place light
on his grand champion hog. It
was bought by Elco Feed Mills
for in full by the farmer, who on
a satisfactory
grams (except
in the fall of
Pfc. John F. Rohan, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rohan of
La Grange, received an hon-
orable discharge at Camp Fan-
nin on January 22. He spent
40 months in the service of
which .16 months were spent
in the ETO. He earned the In the first case,
EAME ribbon with three bat-’ children was divided between
tie stars, the American thea- the two parties; in the latter,
tre and victory
the good conduct medal.
December 7.
The state <
public safety announced the
arrest after confronting one of
the men with his handwriting
on a $71.50 government check
taken from <he slain man.
Confessions have been obtain-
Huser, Schulenburg F. F. A.,1
was sold to Charley Grasshoff
of Schulenburg for $362.50.
Highest money in the swine
department went to Lawrence
service more than 20 days but present deputies
I Loessin.

~ 2—"z----- -----» according to an-
i nouncement of Howard C Ste-
lic. Ltvurcr wart- administrative officer of
sisters, Mrs'1 tbe Fayette County agricul-
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Eck-
ert of the Round Top commun-
ity are now located in Dallas
where they recently purchas-
ed a home. Moving to the
North Texas city with them
were W^iey Meinholdt and
Miss Evelyn Mackel both of
whom have accepted employ-
ment there.
Director Homer Garrison said.
Charges of robbery by as-
sault with firearms have been i to play his A team against
of phosphate
raw rock phos-
La Grange town 1
the nightcap. Game time
Tuesday night at 8. Efforts are
lent of'Tucumcari,
, and his father,
lives in
S-Sgt. Lee Roy B. Cordes of
La Grange is among men sel-
ected from the eighth army’s
1st cavalry division to return
to the U. S. from Tokyo for de-
mobilization. Overseas 23
months, he formerly served on
New Guinea and Luzon. He
wears the Asiatic-Pacific rib-
bon with two stars, and the
Philippine liberation ribbon
with one star, the American
theatre ribbon, victory ribbon,
combat infantryman's badge,
good conduct medal and the
army of occupation for Japan.
His wife, Mrs. Gladys Cor-
des is a reudi.
New Mexico,
Edwin Cordes,
a check and children, ages 3 and
jlMi years, who lost practically
| all their possessions.
I The fire had gained such
headway before being discov-
ered, and was fanned by such
a high wind, that little could
be done to control it. The
house burned to the ground.
Mr. Woody carried no
Miss Lena Althaus
Succumbs Monday
Miss Lena Althaus of neat
Round Top passed away Mon-
day at the home of her broth-
er, Otto Althaus, after an ex-
tended illness.
Funeral services were held
elected to office or'Wednesday afternoon at the
'residence of Mr. and Mrs. Ot-
to Althaus with the Rev. Leo
I CS • —• ——■ “— —----- — — —- ££ — —.. — a :— ..
I Interment was in the La Bahia
I cemetery.
born ini .
August located $108,813 to be used
28, 1863, and attained the age 1 assistance to farmers in
of 82 years and
She has been
Use Of School Buses
By All Advocated
That all school children be
permitted to ride public school
buses whether they attend
public or private schools, was
urged in a resolution adopted
by the Weimar Deanery Cath-
olic Action Council of Men, at ITnvotfo
a meeting held at High Hill. ra>tlle l>OUIliy
Copies of the resolution
were sent to Texas legislators.
H. A. Schultz, Joe Schwartz
and J. E. Meisner constituted
the committee.
Dischargees Listed
S-Sgt. Dennis Wunderlich,
Fayetteville, Rt. 3, Jan. 23.
Pfc. Kemis E. Quade,
Round Top, Rt. 1, Jan. 21.
Ist-Sgt. Calvin H. Harris,
Winchester, Jan. 15.
T-5 Troy W. Williams, color-
ed, La Grange, Jan. 23.
Cpl. Werner W. Von Min-
den, La Grange, Rt. 2, Jan. 24.
S-Sgt. Gilbert F. Hartmann,
La Grange, Star Rt., Jan. 17.
T-5 Werner L. Dittrich,
Muldoon, Rt. 1, Jan. 25.
Freddie Douglas Scott, S2-c,
La Gfauge, Jan. 26.
Louis Gilbert Domel, AOM
1-c, Fayetteville, Rt. 1, Jan. 26.
Cpl. Gussie F. Loessin, Mul-
doon, Rt. 1, Jan. 24.
Pfc. Edwin G. Wienken,
Weimar, Rt. 2, Jan. 10.
Pvt. Robert Clarkson, col-
ored, La Grange, Rt. 3, Jan.
Sgt. Hilmer F. Gebhard,
Fayetteville, Rt. 3, Jan. 25.
Cpl Edwin R. Supak, La
Grange, Rt. 1, Jan. 25.
Cpl. George A. Wright,
Schulenburg, Rt. 4, Jan. 14.
S-Sgt. Delvin C. H. Hensel,
The grand champion capon,
exhibited by Eugene Jasek, La
Grange F. F. A., brought $37.-
50 from Elco Feed Mills.
Several championship ani-
mals were not offered for sale.
The grand champion fat calf
was exhibited by Joe Sladek,
Fayetteville F. F. A.
(See LIVESTOCK, Page 3)
Two Negro Vets Held La Grange Leads Mrs. Schultz Resigns
In Slaying Of Third In Zone Round-Robin As BPW President
Two discharged Negro sold- La Grange defeated Bastrop, | At a dinner meeting Thurs-
iers were arrested near 39-15, here Tuesday night to day, Jan. 24, Mrs. Emma
Georgetown recently and have take the top spot in the first Schultz resigned as president
• and Profes-
third Negro veteran whose , hi. j ional Women’s club. Mrs.
The first half was close, end- i Schultz expected to move to
_"“**,* ' i the Leo- Beaumont where she will
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Melcher
of Hostyn are the happy par-
ents of a baby girl, born at the
La Grange hospital Saturday.
The baby weighed seven
pounds eleven ounces.
selected are
Devotedto the Interests of the People of Fayette County and Of Texas
Fayette Allocated $108,813
In Conservation Program
The second annual Junior
Livestock Show held here
Wednesday was an outstanding calf, exhibited by Edward Kal-
success, with exhibits excel- [' - -
lent, a good attendance, and
spirited bidding that set new
Ninety-two sales brought!
exhibiting boys a total of $9,- female,"exhibited by" Laverne
961.69. I" - - - - . I
Top money of the day went j
to A. W. Meinardus, La
Grange F. F. A., on his reserve
grand champion fat calf for
which La Grange Livestock Schultz, La Grange F. F. A.,
Auction company paid 83c a * '
pound, yielding the exhibitor |
Oscar Lee Cook, Sl-c, La
Grange, Jan. 10.
T-5 Albert L. Bartosch,
Schulenburg, Rt. 4, Jan. 23.
Wilburn Von Minden, AEM
2-c, La Grange, Dec. 13.
, George John Kret, AMM3-
c, Cistern, Jan. 24. *
Cpl. Rubin W. Richter sent
a telegram to his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Max Richter of Flat-
onia, advising them that he is
back in the States and is on
his way home. He spent 25
months overseas.
Miss Althaus was
Washington county on
a few days fan of 1945.
ago and is looking around pre-, Establishing
i cover of small
wheat) seeded
1945 and the growth not har-
vested for grain or hay.
Growing green manure or
cover crops.
other than
I phate.
Application of ground lime-
stone or ground oyster shells.
Control of destructive plants
on noncrop pasture and range
Mowing established pas-
“Since we have alloted a
certain amount of funds,” Mr.
Stewart said, “it is necessary
that an accurate account be
maintained throughout the
program year as to the amount
earned. Therefore, it is neces-
sary for each producer who
expects assistance in carrying
Miss Keilers recently com- paratory to returning to civ?
pleted her studies at South- ilian life on March 18. He
west Texes State Teachers col- spent five years and four
lege, San Marcos. She will re- j months in the service during
port for duty as third grade ■ which time he rose from buck
teacher Friday. I private to captain.
Firemen were called
Chris Berry’s Humble service
station Wednesday afternoon
to cope with a gasoline fire
which was brought under con-
trol with an extinguisher be-
fore the fire boys arrived. The
blaze started when an
ployee struck a match
spilled gasoline had
washed into the drainage
er. Flames covered the floor
and spouted out of the storm
sewer momentarily but
quickly extinguished and
damage was done.
McCraw Baby Dies
In Houston Saturday
Pamela Ann McCraw, 10-
day-old infant daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Leon McCraw of
Goose Creek, passed away at
the St. Joseph infirmary
Houston Saturday.
Burial was in Houston Sun-
She is survived by her par-
five months. I *n8 out needed
making her practices during the 1946 pro-
home with her brother for the 1 gram year, 1. _
Harhe Past 28 >ears
I Surviving are her brother,
Otto; and five 1 Z~__.
1 Emilie Roemer of Sandtown,
Mrs. Elise Fuchs of Carmine,
Mrs. Marie Boehnke and Mrs.
Anna Marx, both of Burton,
Route 2, apd Mrs. Laura Rac-
hui of Paige.
Ernst Von Minden of Round
Top was the funeral director.
1 number of irii'iius whether or torr&ces
(not he would be a < '' ’ ‘ ' 2 "1.1—.
I for sheriff this year. He stated waterway.
Scott’s Repeats
In March Of Dimes
For the second consecutive
year, the Scott's community,
where Mrs. Harry Maeker is
chairman, was first to meet its
March of Dimes quota.
The community’s quota was
$15 and Mrs. Maeker remitted
Up to Thursday morning
La Grange had raised $483.85
with milk bottle donations not
yet counted.
Varieties Displayed
Are Approved For
Soil Conservation
Display plots of various leg-
umes and grasses that are im-
portant in a coordinated soil
conservation program have
been planted on a lot in La
Grange owned by Wm. Her-
mes and located just across the
street from the Fayette Coun-
ty Record office.
Soil conservation service
technicians, working with the
Bastrop-Fayette soil conserva-
tion district, have established
these plots which have been
recently marked with identifi-
cation signs.
The Bastrop-Fayette soil
conservation district empha-
sizes in its program the need
of winter legume cover crops
for protection of the land from
erosion and for soil improve-
ment. Adapted legumes which
can be seen on the display
plots are Hubam clover, an-
nual yellow sweet clover,
vetch and Austrian winter
peas; all of which are impor-
tant winter cover crops that are
adapted to various soils of this
section and are being used on
cultivated land by farmers co-
operating with the district.
Other legumes that can be
mnitv about seen on disPlay Plots are b,en-
f Gra'ige nia‘ wb*te and biennial yellow
Junior Livestock Show Is
Rated Outstanding Success GRASSES
’ *" at 67 Vic a pound. I IN PLOT HERE
weight; Laverne Huser, —
Two divorces were granted
in district court here Monday
in tfae cases of Saminie Tho-
mas vs. Hattie Thomas and
'Eric Hinze vs. Adele Hinze.
He earned the In the first case, custody of
St. Paul’s Board
Elects Officers
The officiaF board
Paul’s Lutheran church held
a brief meeting following the
morning service last Sunday
and elected officers from the
group for the year 1946.
appointed on special commit-
tee are: Wm. F. Hofmann,
president; Roy H. Giese, vice- Simon of Carmine officiating,
president; Ben F. Siebel, treas- I
urer. Apointed to the building'
and grounds committee were
Vastine Janssen, W. B. Loes-
sin and O. W. Feist.
Other members on the coun-
cil or board, in addition to
those named, are D. H. Koop-
mann, W. C. Heise, I„ ’
Carter, and Pastor H.
Flachmeier, who serves as
ex-officio member.
burg F. F. A., exhibited the
champion fat lamb which
brought 70c a pound from
Charlie Grasshoff of Schulen-
Pasture Grass Seed May
Be Purchased Thru PM A
chant 68 cents per pound. The 1
merchant selling the seed can
then present the purchase or-
der to the county ACA office,
and he will receive a check
for the PMA’s part of the seed
within approximately two
Generally speaking, the con-
servation practice payment a-
mounts to about 80 per cent
of the cost of the seed, Vance
said. Perennial pasture grass out one of these selected prac-
seed qualifying for payment tices to secure prior approval
under the program include from the county ACA commit-
Bermuda, Rhodes, weeping te. This means that any con-
lovegrass, crested wheatgrass, servation practice carried out
buffalo. Of in 1946 for which a producer
Highway Patrolman and
Mrs M R Reid, who have
made La Grange their home
for the past two months, have
moved to Taylor to which
point Mr. Reid was transfer.,
red by the public safety de-
Thursday, Jan. 31, 1946
The following prices wen
paid in La Grange on th<
above date and are subject t<
market changes. Eggs and
poultry prices are those paid
by produce dealers.
Cotton, middling 24:00
Strict low middling .... 22:00
Low middling 19:00
’ Eggs — 30c
Fryers 25c
Hens ........................ .... 23c
Roosters „. 12.
Turkeys, Hens 30c; Young
Toms 30c; Old Toms 27c
Sour cream:
Station price 45c to 42<
Direct shippers 47c to 44c
Hides---------------- 8c to l(k
Cotton Seed ner ton $52 00
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cer-
nosek of Ammannsville are the
happy parents of a baby
daughter bom at their home
Sunday. The new arrival
weighed in at 8 pounds.
within the reconversion hous-
The civilian production ad- (See VETS, Page 2)
construction of moderate-cost 000 maximum as feasible,” he
housing underway as r---—,J
as possible, the entire prefer-
ence rating system has at- that housing already
tempted to stress simplicity, construction may be brought
Mr. Luttrell said.
In New Home Building
In discussing the new resi-1 ministration has delegated to
dential priority system for I the FHA the task of processing
scarce building materials ’ and issuing the new HH pre-
which went into effect on Jan- ference ratings under which it
uary 15, the first consideration 1J *u-‘ -1—* u_ir
of the federal housing admini-
stration will be to expedite con-
struction of housing to be oc-
cupied by veterans, FHA Dis-
trict Director P. S. Luttrell de-
clared recenty. that the $10,0<X) sales price. La Grange, Rt. 3, Jan. 18.
Application forms for priori- ; which includes land and im- ~
ties for building materials, now ' provements, or an $80 a month
in short supply, are now avail- ! rental are maximum figures
able at the FHA* office in the I and that every effort will be
Rusk building, Houston, for | made to get a volume of con-
builders who want to erect one I structiOn at lower levels. "It is
or more dwellings either for particularly important that
sale or rental, for which veter-' every effort be exerted among
ans of World War II will be j home builders to induce the
given preference. I production of housing at price ( MOVE TO TAYLOR
In an effort to get maximum > levels as much under the $10,-
-------• • . .. AArt M 1 >
speedily! Mid.
Mr. Luttrell also pointed out
Miss Lillian Keilers of Old-
enburg has been elected to the ber and family of San Antonio 1 ed in the fall of 1945.
faculty of the La Grange visiting here with Mrs. Rosa Establishing a satisfactory
school, filling the vacancy Giesber. Capt. Giesber was COVer of ryegrass seeded on
caused by the resignation of I granted his terminal leave it cropland or in orchards in the
Mrs. Emma Schultz who has j Fort Sam Houston ' ’ —
moved to Beaumont.
blue panic and 1 —
these seed purchase orders may expect payment must
can be issued for Bermuda, approved and the money
Rhodes and blue panic. The aside by the county commit
other varieties must be paid; before the practice is star
the farm. When prior
Association Names
Bellville Man As
President For ’46
P South-Central Texas funeral
directors and embalmers com-
pleted a highly education'll
and enjo’yable one-day conven-
tion here Wednesday night and
went home singing the praises
of La Grange as a convention
I c>ty
’ The session elected Pete Et-
linger of Bellville as president,
A. G. Mercer of Brenham,
vice-president; and re-elected
Mrs. Della Marrs of Smith-
ville. secretary-treasurer. Elec-
ted to the board of directors
were Willard Pennington of
San Marcos, Charles Hillier of
Bryan and G. A. Koenig of La
Grange, the retiring president.
Forty-five mortuary esta-
blishments and 13 wholesale
houses were represented at
the meeting-
A chicken barbecue dinner
was served at night. An ama-
teur magician from Houston
furnished the entertainment.
Greetings of the La Grange
Chamber of Commerce were
extended by President L. H.
The visitors were presented
with souvenir kits consisting
of various types of merchan-
dise and trade coupons donat-
ed by La Grange business
firms. The kits were enthusias-
tically received.
At night the visitors were
guests at a dance given at the
fair grounds .
The next meeting will be
held in Houston with the date
was found at Peach
Extended By Army
A war department directive ' that he would announce his Constructing
plantings of sum- jUS£ released states that men | candidacy in due time, drainaee ditches
•s win be made in honorably discharged and en-, “I am in the race until all r . .. ,
listed within three months af-, the votes are counted,” he . °ns rut lon °
ter the date of discharge from said. Mr. Rightmer expects to I d”ks Or res*rvo,rs-
active service will be enlisted start an active campaign at an Contour listing or furrow-
in the grade held at the time ; early date. ln« of cropland or land planted
of such discharge, permanent! There are three others whq to ^rops in , ,
or temporary, whichever is already are active in their Clearing land for the esta-
higher. 'races, namely Jim Flournoy, blishment of permanent pas-
Heretofore, soldiers had but C. A. Prilop and Bob Koenig. tures
20 days from date of discharge ' All four candidates are ex- I Seeding adapted pasture
in which to reenlist and keep I perienced peace officers and grasses, pasture legumes, or
their stripes. The new direct- all have at one time held of- mixtures of grasses and leg-
ive opens the field to men who ' fice as deputy under Sheriff umes.
Sodding Bermuda, Buffalo,
or Dallis grass.
igrass seed.
Establishing at
Capt. and Mrs. Henry Gies-I cover of winter legumes i
i tural conservation association.
The Fayette county ACA
J committee, assisted by mem-
bers of the community com-
mittees and other agricultural
workers, have selected the
practices considered most
needed in this county, for
which assistance will be avail-
able. x
The practices
as follows:
Construction of standard
__ and spreader terraces for
business' In wnverMtion" with I whlt'h proper outlets are pro-
iThe Record editor he stated IVlded
i that he~ hadjAieen asked by a ' Couvrtrv/lton of__dint-Aioo.
high point man Senator Sulak, introduced by
was run- i Mrs. Isabel Martin, addressed
I the meeting on the subject,
round of play 1 “How a Bill Becomes a Law.”
___ E: h wild) «■
tbe two jnen arrested, Smithville comes here. Coach Another Home Lost
~ "" “ “* * **»*. --IfTflTTfiTIT U/i<14iO M# MW IMS
B team against the Tigers and By F ire Saturday
. x 8 I A five-rOom frame dwelling
quintet for on John Woo^ fafm -n
“ the Egypt conum ‘
' aix mdes west of La vra.qge,
-— after noon Saturday.
luwuay HUUH Ml O. JOIions are rrn J If J •
To Area Brotherhood »»d. wc- b
Ben F. Siebel, president of
the Texas Lutheran Brother-
hood, was principal speaker at
a banquet which concluded a
meeting of the San Antonio |
area Brotherhood held at St. |
John’s Lutheran church at;
San Antonio Tuesday.
Mr. Siebel, who is also dis-
trict finance chairman for the
Boy Scouts, spoke on Boy
Scouting, urging the Brother-
hood to lend support to the
scouting program.
The Rev H. T. Flachmeier
accompanied the speaker to
San Antonio.
farmer for 7 cents per pound when his application for pay- this county
pay the mer- ment w approved. declared.
W. H. Rightmer Will
Run For Sheriff
W. H. Rightmer of Muldoon
was in the city Tuesday on,1
have already been out of the Loessin. Two of them are at
cnridAA ikon 90 rlaoe V»n4 nraconf rlom ti iinrlnr
less than three months.
been charged in the death of a round of the zone round-rob- of the Business
(I..—amtnwnH ...V. ...... '
I - ,
Creek in Gonzales county on ing 16-11, but then
pards got going and held the make her home.
_ u . | Gugstg of evenjng were
al points. Senator and Mrs. L. J. Sulak.
Roberts was 1
with 17 and Holubec
ner-up with 10.
The second
begins Friday night
Pasture grass seed may be
purchased under the conserva-
tion materials program of the
production and marketing ad-
ministration, B. F. Vance,
state director, PMA’s field
service branch has announced.
Through this program eligi-
ble farmers can obtain a seed
purchase order from the coun-
ty ACA office where the pur-
chase order plan is in opera-
tion. When he buys his seed,
the farmer pays the difference
between the cost of the seed
and the conservation practice
payment and turns the pur-
chase order over to the mer-
chant for the balance.
For example, the practice
payment rate for the use of
bermuda grass seed is 68 cents
per pound. With an approved
fair price of 75 cents per pound . ..
under the purchase order plan, will receive the amount of the proval is issued the amount
tire merchant must look to the conservation practice payment be earned is charged agau
and PMA will
issuing the new HH
' is anticipated that about half
of the critically short materials
produced in 1946 will be made
available for construction of.
homes for veterans.
Mr. Luttrell made it clear
that the $10,000

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Sulak, L. J.The Fayette County Record (La Grange, Tex.), Vol. 24, No. 27, Ed. 1 Friday, February 1, 1946,newspaper, February 1, 1946; La Grange, Texas. ( May 19, 2024),University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History,; crediting Fayette Public Library, Museum and Archives.

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